Wednesday, September 02, 2015
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Paluma Dam

PALUMA DAM – (full and two day tours), is situated about 1 hour 30 minutes drive North of Townsville tucked away in the hills in the Mount Spec National Park.

Camp setup at Paluma DamOur travel takes us from off the flat coastal lands, to a scenic drive up the Paluma Range through the rainforest, and through the town of Paluma.

Our destination of Paluma Dam, or Lake Paluma as it is known, is a World Heritage listed dam nestled among the rainforest. It has a capacity of 11,800 megalitres and is used to supply Townsvilles drinking water.

We do a minimum of three people to a maximum of ten people.

As expected, in the rainforest there are many animals to be seen including, the platypus, Peregrine Falcon, the Eastern Water dragon (lizard), and ring tailed possums. And if we are lucky enough,  the Southern Cassowary.

We also take some yabbie traps to try and get a feed of the introduced Redclaw. (Freshwater crayfish). There are also two other native species of Freshwater crayfish in the lake. These native species must be released. (An freshwater crayfish identification page is given to you so you know what we keep to eat, and what is returned to the water).

The overnite tour here is ideal for those that want to get away, but still like some of the comforts of home. I.e. – proper toilets. (You also have a supplied solar shower in your bag ,if you want a shower). We take our own wood up there so we have a fire to cook on, and tell stories around at night.